Dramatic Recitals

  •  “Savvy, witty, and spell-binding”
    —Peter Straub, best-selling author
  •  “Listen to Joshua Kane, a man whose voice is an instrument of delightful terror.”
    —Neil Gaiman, best-selling author
  •  “I was astonished and enthralled and reinvigorated. You will be too.”
    —Ramsey Campbell, World Fantasy Award-winning author

Shows with all the theatricality and entertainment value of our mainstage events, but requiring less tech; perfect for alternative spaces.

A Date With the Devil.

Spend an evening with the most charismatic, endlessly fascinating character in the history of the human imagination (as transcribed by Milton, The Bible, Shaw, Shakespeare, Kipling, Coleridge, Twain and others). Whoever thought evil could be such fun?

An Olde-Fashioned New England Christmas.

A heart-warming return to a gentler time. Gather the community and celebrate. From O.Henry’s Gift of the Magi, and Dickens’ Christmas Stories, to rousing holiday exclamations by Frost, Service and a host of others.

Deeply Moved My Spirit.

A bridge program between arts centers and communities of faith. This program of inspirational poems and stories includes selections from the King James Bible (e.g., Garden of Eden, the Fiery Furnace, Noah’s Ark) as well as such works as Edward Sills’ A Fool’s Prayer.

The Time Machine.

H.G. Wells’ Time Traveler recounts the Romance, Mystery and Adventure of the year 802,701 A.D.

“Mingles science, adventure and political thought in a way that eerily fortells the age of technology….” – The Salt Lake Tribune