Shakespeare’s Murderers, Madmen & Kings

Relying only on the power of Shakespeare’s language, classically trained actor Joshua Kane takes audiences on a whirlwind tour. This swift-paced one-man show is ideal for newcomers and a delightful revisiting for Shakespeare fans.


“A bravura performance that challenged and thrilled, winning him a heartfelt standing ovation. American accents and bold characters gave Shakespeare an immediacy and accessibility that made my audience feel Shakespeare belonged to them.”

Whatley Center

Shakespeare Alive!

The student-matinee version!

Imagine living in a time when the maps had not yet been drawn, before grammar had been set or the dictionary written. It was a time of expansiveness, exploration, joy in words and ideas. This was the time when Shakespeare wrote and this is the feeling that students all too often miss.

This performance/lecture blends fascinating facts and tantalizing anecdotes to paint a highly entertaining and informative view of the Elizabethan world and mindset.

You know something unique is happening when fifth graders in a small Nebraska town make their parents bring them to a public performances of Shakespeare because of what they saw in school that day.
—Charles Bethea, Executive Director, Lied Center, NE