Vegas Entertainment: Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Terror

By Ed Bruce
Money, October 13, 2008

Tonight’s performance will include selections from the following:


That was the lineup on the program for the first show at Centennial Plaza/Historic 5th street School in downtown Las Vegas, fourth and Clark.

What a deal… only the third time in my life I have had access to interpretations of Poe, first in 1975 at Northeast Missouri State University with Vincent Price doing “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the second in 1983 on the Tonight show with Jack Palance doing Annabel Lee (these dudes set the bar high)… now the fabulous Joshua Kane and his one man show here. Kane did not let me down… the next generation of this is in good hands.

Shakespeare quality elocutionist with all the trimmings… rose, cognac and black suit-yellow tie.

Boy was this guy great… 3 minutes late killed his perfect score but the readings, story telling and question answer period were better than perfect. The story of Poe and his work as Kane said nearlly forgotten today, but well appreciated by this group of 150 on this night.
Kane used a 24 by 12 enormous book on his podium as a prop and told us not to be bothered by the turning of the pages… that he actually has all the works memorized… you can be damn sure of that… what an actor… knew his lines and delivered them with lots of panache!
Gee… this was one of the best things I have seen all year and the City of Las Vegas Office of Cultural Affairs is to be saluted for this and the many works they provide for the citizernery… thanks to program Coordinator Brian M. Kendall who carries the load and always provides snacks. Brian organizes the Third Friday entertainment show at the Federal Building with the same quality and professionalism as this Poe show (next up Friday at noon October 17)… Brian, I think you are ready for the Hall of Fame on this journalist’s list.

I wonder often how much the city can pay some of this four star talent like Kane and Mark Nadler, especially with the cheap ticket prices… whatever it is it sure fills the bill for the public on cultural needs.

Don’t get better than this… A+ 97