The Art of Magical Thinking

  •  “The student response to his lecture exceeded that of any other convocation speaker this year.”
    —Beckie Taylor, Snow College, Ephraim, UT
  •  “The students and faculty were delighted to meet and work with a ‘real actor.’”
    —Diane D. Greer, Florida State University

Do you run your own brain? Believe you have free will? In this fascinating dialogue, mentalist Joshua Kane will demonstrate and invite participants to explore how perception, deception and desire interact with the ways in which we are wired, to create our various realities. Subjects may include body language, language patterns, lie detection, and brain games.

This highly interactive and often provocative event draws upon Kane’s lifelong fascination with neuroscience, linguistics, kinesiology, and psychology, which has had profound influence not only on his performances but also on his everyday interactions and observations.

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“Kane’s insights into human behavior and how an individual’s surroundings and upbringing affect their every nuance was eye-opening and informative for students and faculty of acting and psychology alike. Everyone would benefit from the life lessons he has so succinctly translated.”

Arlene Cisar-Shaw
Olin Fine Arts Center, Washington & Jefferson College, Washington, PA