Stories of Ourselves

  •  “The student response to his lecture exceeded that of any other convocation speaker this year.”
    —Beckie Taylor, Snow College, Ephraim, UT
  •  “The students and faculty were delighted to meet and work with a ‘real actor.’”
    —Diane D. Greer, Florida State University

More than ever, the road to success depends on how well we present ourselves verbally and in writing. The stories we tell ourselves directly impact our personal image and our ability to lead fully charged lives. Stories of Ourselves is a workshop where personal memories and tales from our own lives and family histories are rediscovered and transformed into powerful stories. Through creative visualization, sense memory and imagination exercises, participants mine memories and craft them into tales that are vibrantly entertaining, inspiring and motivating.

We will explore how sharing our own stories enhances self-esteem and our sense of community. This workshop has been presented at the Coalition for Advancement of Jewish Education conference in San Antonio, Texas; at the Jewish Storytelling Coalition in Boston, Massachussetts; and the Crown Heights History Project in Brooklyn, New York.


“What is special about Mr. Kane’s workshop is that it draws out of participants an appreciation for their own communities as well as for others.”

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