The Power of Voice

  •  “The student response to his lecture exceeded that of any other convocation speaker this year.”
    —Beckie Taylor, Snow College, Ephraim, UT
  •  “The students and faculty were delighted to meet and work with a ‘real actor.’”
    —Diane D. Greer, Florida State University

How well we speak very often determines how we will be treated. Yet for many people, effective vocal communication, whether in the classroom, the workplace or from the stage, is masked by rigid barriers of vocal and physical tension.

Through his years of performance and training, Kane has mastered a highly specialized set of exercises, strategies and approaches to break the bonds of habit and defeat the demons of self-consciousness. By learning the same techniques used by great actors the world over, you too can make yourself heard and better accomplish your dreams. Focusing on the power of breath, imagination, and play, Kane presents strategies for reclaiming and expanding vocal and movement potential.


“Kane’s workshop was so good that all by itself, awards banquet or not, it would have been well worth the expense of the trip to L.A. I have always considered myself to be a good reader, but in one afternoon, Kane took me up a notch....I sounded better than I ever have amazingly good teacher...I know I’ll be a better reader and speaker for the rest of my career.”

Bruce Holland Rogers
Hugo and Nebula Award Winning Author