•  “The students and faculty were delighted to meet and work with a ‘real actor.’”
    —Diane D. Greer, Florida State University
  •  “The student response to his lecture exceeded that of any other convocation speaker this year.”
    —Beckie Taylor, Snow College, Ephraim, UT

Schools are so burdened with “teaching to the test” that the arts and the creative process are inevitably short-changed. I am always amazed by the powerful changes that take place when I’m invited to work with schools, at the arts center and in the classroom. Students labeled “learning disabled” produce pages of imaginative writing with the Imagination Toolkit—a creativity & writing workshop; singing and speaking voices open up with The Power of Voice; participants learn how to run their own brains with The Art of Magical Thinking; families learn to tell the Stories of Ourselves.

When I conduct a residency I have the satisfaction of knowing I’ve left behind tools that will last a lifetime. —Joshua Kane

““What is special about Mr. Kane’s workshop is that it draws out of participants an appreciation for their own communities, as well as for others.” —Forward, National Edition